Saturday, July 12, 2008

Toe Up Short Row Passap Socks

I delivered SnB friend Shelly's socks today. She kindly lent me her tiny toes feet to workshop toe up socks, on account of my long toes being tricky and I don't have any weights, nope, just have to wing it.. I got the basic pattern from the Passap Knits Yahoo group site, then off it's head to work it for me (us). For Shelly:
Prelim: CO 64 - 32 both beds; Handle down; 1st row: T1; N/N; pink.
Handle up: 2nd & 3rd rows: T3 CX/CX; pink.
Toe: T4.5; BX/GX; black; lock left, short row Wrap & Turn (W&T) to 16 sts and back. RC000.
Foot: T4.5; CX/CX; black; to RC 133.
Heel: T4.5; BX/GX; black; lock left, short row W & T 12 sts and back. RC000.
Leg: T4.5; CX/CX; black; to RC100. RC000.
Cuff: either take off machine and handknit rib OR, following instructions on the PassapKnits site:
put BB onto decker comb and drop. bring 1:1 needles division on back bed- Handle down, N/N, Pink, T3, knit 16Rows, T5 1 row, take off on waste yarn. Reposition BB stitched from decker combs, bring 1:1 needle divi on FB, T3, N/N, knit 16 rows, T5 1row, remove with waste yarn.
Cast off and Sew up cuff sides. TIGHTEN 1ST ROW before securing and weaving ends in. Didn't take any photos, cause I wasn't sure she would like the cuff, but as it was she did.

I've got the W&T down pat from ALL the kilometres of sock yarns I've put through the machine in the last few months.. I've nearly done all the self patterning yarn in my stash...nearly. I'm keeping some of the solid colours back and have plans to hand knit (must be mad mad mad but...) long socks next winter. Even got 4 balls of Regia silk from Jimmy's. Got some spare grey print stash to knit another short row socks for SIL. And Shelly gave me some sock wool for my scrap blanket, but after rewinding it, I might be able to get a pair of teeny tiny socks for her teeny tiny feet... But that's for tomorrow.

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