Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ravelympics 2008

I've decided to enter three events and do a bit of a stash busting/finished off the unfinished while I'm at it.

I've entered the WIP Wrestling to try and finish the Bannisters jumper.
Got rid of stashed 4 x 200g of Bendi 8ply Mystique Opal and turned it into a CPH for me (Passap).
Designing a new pattern for Green dragonscale socks from the Cashmere sock wool from Gotta love bright green sock wool. I will post the pattern when I'm finshed them.

6 day progress: So I haven't knitted ONE stitch on the Bannisters.. oops, must. knit. a. bit. every. day. Back done and cast on right front of the Opal CPH and onto the 3rd pattern repeat on the Dreen Dragons.

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