Sunday, December 7, 2008

Minty Fresh aka Pull a Torsades 468

I've decided to try making this on the Passap. Here is it's first attempt picture:
Problem: ladders, cables crossed in the wrong place, rib too tight.

Link: 468 Pull a Torsades from Bergere de France free pattern.

I'm making it in Bendigo 4ply Cotton, which is new to me and the machine.

Working notes:
I used some knit-in elastic for the rib. I didn't think things through, and on the first attempt, I didn't put in a marker (remove the pushers from the rail) for the cable and went two stitches out of alignment. I forgot to do some of the cables and I had ladders for not putting the handle down for this type of stitch alignment. AND the tension was too tight on the rib and too loose on the body. I will need to put an extra needle into work behind the cables on the row prior, to allow the cables to cross comfortably.

Rib 2:2 (cast on T1, N/N x 1; T3, CX/CX x 2; T3, N/N x 1; RCOOO) T3, N/N x 12**.
**11th rib row: T4.25, don't put knit in elastic. (probably easier to do 7:4 rib from the start or quicker to do rib by hand and put onto machine).
Number x9th rows: Two needles put behind cables.

OK T4.25 is too tight I got sick of putting the stitches back onto the needles, didn't have that problem with T5. I'm going to trial doing 7:4 rib, with elastic should be fine, at T4.5, then do body in T4.75.

Now picture: rib T4.75; body T6.5

Swatched as per Stephanie's instructions, and did the various stitch sizes recommended. I settled on 6.5. It is loose off the machine, but will shrink down when washed. I'm doing a bit each day and it's getting easier to flip the 2 pairs of stitches, and the cables are no dramas. I've put 2 spares behind the cables for ease, which has made eyelet style holes, and there's a few ladders, but I think they will be ok. Nothing I can't wear when finished.

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