Sunday, May 24, 2009

Time to knit another lace shawl

I've looked till I've burned shawls into my eyes and have decided to make

Zetor Scarf Pattern

in my October 08 prize from Daphne's the Knittery.

I have pictures, but it is cold and raining and will have to wait to show it all blocked and lovely, however, here are some unblocked photos.


bobbins said...

What a beautiful pattern! I'm considering what to make for my first shawl experience and am going to try it in cotton crochet thread held doubled. I have lots of it around...

I can't wait to follow your progress.

ozlorna said...

I thought so too! I chose this yarn when my first Cherry Silk Merino Swallowtail shawl "won" a monthly draw for finished items. I wear it a lot too, but it's pinks/dark greys and doesn't go with everything.

Definitely time to knit a blue one.