Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Gathering of Gathered Jumpers

Sooo... I made myself a long awaited Gathered Pullover on my KX350. Experimented with different techniques and I've had a lot of admiring. It was an easy knit. Really! Mostly done on the machine, with about 40 rows of the panel done on 5.00mm needles.
Well my friend Shelley decided that she Must Have one too, and would I make her one and would I accept some Bendi Harmony as payment. Why yes I do believe I would!
Sooo.. daughter #2 came to visit last weekend, bringing her delightful newish boyf, her knitting, HIS knitting, they were making laptop covers intending to felt them. Well the boyf had already mastered a ribbed beanie on the Passap and wore his beanie all winter. Now he decided to knit his laptop cover on the Plastic Fantastic. Of course I had Shelley's half made Gathered Pullover along with mine for reference. She loved the jumper, tried mine on - of course too big and to long, but none the less, could I make her one too?
She hasn't asked me to knit her a jumper before so I thought I'd be nice and do one for her too.
Here is a picture of the front, and below it is being put back onto the machine, ready to knit the rest of the front. there isn't very much difference between T5 and the 5.00 mm needles I knitted the motif on.

Here is the photo of the neck band, which I get asked about a lot: seen is it's original, as written curling stocking stitch neck, with the crochet between each stitch being done. It's a single crochet, on a 5.00mm hook.


bobbins said...

wow - gorgeous! A beautiful item (sweater to me...) and just love how it turned out.


ozlorna said...

I really love mine, but surprised when both the girls wanted one too. Even though they both knew I was making three! No they didn't want to change a thing, no didn't want a different edge, no - please keep the motif the same motif.

So now I've got all the knitting done, I've got a couple days sewing seams and crocheting around the neck, then I can get back to ME!!!

Lynne said...

Just beautiful!

sue said...

Wow they look beautiful and it must save some time doing them on the machine too.

Mar said...

I really like the neckline too. Can you elaborate on how you do it? I'm confused.

ozlorna said...

You are not the only one! I'm doing the photos ready for the next posting.