Monday, March 1, 2010

Scarf Day Afternoon

So ... what did I do yesterday afternoon you ask? All my Ravelympics2010 projects have been done. It's Sunday. There's nothing on TV, they've taken the 'Lympics off. No Cricket. Nothing but It's me or the Dog. So. I thought Hello Miss Pinky, you watching the naughty dog show? How about we yet again tackle that pile of scarf yarn and see how many you can churn out in a couple of hours. But we will stop when the Gremlins arrive, like the last time when I got two out before they interrupted us, OK? righto.. off we went for our Scarf Day Afternoon.

Chug, chug, 4pm came, stop for coffee and change chanels to find some Castle I'd recorded earlier. Coffee gone, scarves spitting out like Pinggu's machine. Still no gremlins. keep going .. find some more (will this stuff never end?) put it through, STILL only 4.50. Pack Miss Pinky up and start separating them, casting off both ends, just in time for me to watch Biggest Loser.. and here they are:


~Marge~ said...

Wow, those are lovely! I've got a pile of worsted weight scarf yarn awaiting my Brother 390 in Bulky mode. You've inspired me to get knitting those! Thanks.

ozlorna said...

I know just what you mean! I followed a friend's suggestion of putting a row of ravel cord (or in my case a length of scrap) between each one. Slipped the thin needles through the bottom row, pulled out the cord, picked up the top row from the bottom of the next, it stuck together just long enough to be helpful!

I was surprised I got through it all too!

Leeanne said...

what a great effort for one afternoon.

i never ended up bothering to work out this old knitting machine i have. i might just ebay it or if you know someone that doesnt mind having an old machine for cheap.

ozlorna said...

That's a shame. I bought mine second hand in 1981, what machine is it?