Wednesday, March 14, 2012

KX350 + 1 panel = 176 needles ready to go = Fraank

I bought a new top for my knitting table - A Plaank for Fraank

I have a new piece of 44 needles to put into Fraank

Turn him over and remove the last plate and end
And snap the new section into place - it has a slot

And put the end piece on and put the plates back and screw back into place

I removed the centre screw and relocated the clamp to the end

New needles and sponge, it's plastic is discoloured, but it works a charm.


knitterPat said...

Yay! A longer bed with more needles! Perfect!;)

ozlorna said...

Oh yes. Daughter and I split one so we each have a longer machine. Perfect.

Ellen said...


Indeed happy to see that extending the kx-350 is possible. So, I can actually put two of them together?
I am a big gal and twice the length would mean that I could make an ample width panel for myself. So please tell me that this is possible. It would make my day! Thanks!


ozlorna said...

Yes they do go together. Get a long plank to put them onto and off you go.

Each machine has 3 panels of 44 needles that click together. You take both end pieces off and click them together. I use both carriages for different colours too.

All you need is a philips head screwdriver - and if you are in the US, it has to be a metric one.

It's very quick and easy to do. Good luck!


Ellen said...

Thank you so much. I placed an offer on a KX-350. Let's hope I win.
I really appreciate your response because it means I can actually get to make something for ME!
Again thank you.


Ellen said...

Thank you so much Lorna! I tried to post a comment but don't know if it actually went through.
I have placed an offer on a kx-350 and hopefully I will win. It be so awesome if I could actually make something for myself and my husband on a knitting machine. Like I said, I am not exactly a size 1. LOL I am the total opposite!
Again thank you!


Ellen said...

Hello Lorna,
Well, I purchased a second KX-350!
I can't believe I won the bid for 106 dollars. Can't wait to receive it.
I have figured out that I can mount an extra long and wide wooden plank on a cheap ironing board. Then on the plank you can mount the knitting machine and on the other side a nice wooden swift.
Add a couple of hooks on the end and voila, I almost have a complete knitting center.
I am so excited that you provided this information. Thank you so much.

ozlorna said...

that's wonderful, It works great. looking forward to seeing what your make.

Marcia Zylstra said...

Where did you get a longer sponge?

ozlorna said...

The sponge ends fold under so I didn't need a longer sponge. HTHs