Thursday, October 4, 2012

LC2 Lace Carriage Punchcards

After making my Zora lace cardi a couple of weeks ago, I decided to do another lace project while the machine was up.

I was looking at the cards I have for my fine gauge and saw something that greatly resembled the pattern on  Apres Surf Hoodie.
So adapted it to the 24 hole punchcard for the std machine for the 5ply wool I have out for a mystery project. I have a punch and I have some blank cards.... which let me to....
In a unrelated chat on Ravelry, someone mentioned that there were patterns in the Harmony Machine Book, so I got it out to have a look and there they were, lots of lace patterns to choose from.

My son was visiting so that cut down the time to work on the machine, so I've had such an excellent time marking out the cards cards from the Harmony book and an old book then punch when he was visiting his friends.

And here are some of them


And this one from a really the really old and tattered book that Beverley gave to me:

I put a cable in the top part to see how it looked. I like it without the cable better I think.
That's all I had time to run the cards through the machine. It's away now for a little bit while I get some renos done. I have an excellent time punching and  understanding how the lace carriage works in relation to the holes punched. I'll run the rest through the machine in a couple of weeks when the dust settles.


Auntie Noo said...

I recently got a KH836 brother with lace carriage, it was only punching my own card that made me have that lightbulb moment "ahhhhhh that's how it works!" Is that harmony stitch guide worth getting? i've seen on Amazon.

ozlorna said...

Yes, I think so, there are several pages of bro lace cards. Have you got a copy of stitchworld?

christine grey said...

ozloma Hi
I am desperate to get a copy of the pochards lace like a chandelier that you have shown
2nd picture on the right
My dog chewed up the card and i need to try to finish my project
Would you be willing to give me a copy of the card?

ozlorna said...

Oh, it's from a book. I'm sorry, you would have to get permission from the publisher to share.

christine grey said...

Yes certainly I understand but could you just tell me the page number on the book please?

regards Christine

ozlorna said...

It's IX.25 - there's a picture of it too.