Saturday, January 28, 2017

Tuck Stitch Baby Blankets from the Harmony Guide

Last year in the last days of the Olympics, I punched out some new cards from the Harmony Guide to Machine Stitches from Chapter III Tuck stitch patterns to use in blankets. The book is out of print and after many, many attempts at finding out WHO know owns the copyright - nope. Noone knows. As I'm taking liberties with one chapter of the OP book, all is well.

I didn't realise I didn't finish the blog post, still in draft - trying to track down the copyright, it was, but I did remember that I didn't put up the numbers for my newly punched cards. Which is why it wasn't on the blog when I went looking for it. Promise I will press Publish this time!

The Harmony ones have the two row tuck so I made a 30 row one for both ends. The added bonus is that it can be moved over the tuck pattern to line up the start line in the middle of the design. More on that latter, when I get to it.

The first two are the Anne Alexander and Gladys Goodie's patterns with the small Card 1**. I line it up and put it at both ends, making sure the tucks line up.

** For both these pattern cards, I punched out a 24row version of Card 1 (a 1x1 tuck). I clip it onto one end, making sure the tuck panels line up with the tuck strip, Cast on and keep knitting until I can unclip the mini card 1, join the card as normal, then do the rows I want - somewhere between 559-600 usually - then still making sure the end of the card lines up- clip on the mini card till it's finish, then cast off.

The Harmony ones are two row tucks so I punched a 2 row alt tuck, 30 rows in all. It snaps onto both ends, but can also be place on a different point in the card to alter the start and finish point.

I will point out that by the time I finished punching out all of these, I was wanting a Brother electronic machine, and said so to my friend Beverley who said: Did I really want one or was I just punch drunk. Funny lady. Of course she was right, but now instead of two patterns to choose from for the baby blankets I knit, I have 10. Very happy I spent the Ravellenics on punching out new cards.


steel breeze said...

I know they also printed 4-5 handknitting books, plus some crochet ones, because I have them, and the knitting ones were recently compiled into one and reprinted. As I already own all of them I didn't buy the new book but you might be able to look it up online.

ozlorna said...

Yes I contacted them and the company they thought might hold the copyright. But no, no and noone knows. The original publishers have long been out of business.

However, because it's out of print and I'm displaying part of one chapter, less than 10% of the book. It's OK. And nowhere do I say the work is my own. So grab an old copy and see what interesting things can be made from all those interesting blank slates.