Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Racking on the Passap

Gee, I've only had the book since 1981.. Without any further delay - I present pattern 38 from the little purple book. I know, I know, over time, the cover goes pink. However, my  little purple pattern books live in the bookcase and are still purple.
I used 2ply lace weight wool. 
160 FNR L80/R80
Handle down, standard circular cast on
1R N/N 2/2
2RZ CX/CX 3.5/3.5
1R N/N 4/5

Straight into Pattern 38
Rack L EX/EX 1R
Rack R EX/EX 1R
Rpt 7 x 14RC - locks are on the Left

Rack L EX/EX 1R
Rack R EX/EX 1R
Rpt 7 x 14RC - lock are on the Right

And here it is finished.

I managed 540 rows before the wheels fell off.

What not to do again...

  • reset the counter back to 000 instead of xx rows. Restart
  • forget to stop at row 14, try undoing and if all goes well, continue.
  • to rip back to row 14, adjust the counter CAREFULLY to make sure it's forward twice per rip. hold the yarn in the right hand across the left, knuckles second joint flat against the striker plate and pull the yarn, moving the left hand rapidly back and forth, keeping the needles from popping up. If they do, put them back with the eyelet tool.
  • it was beyond my ability to rehang when I dropped stitches. Restart.

  • GX/GX is not an option unless the work it weighted. No, it all gets into an appalling mess. If there is a knot and going back is what is needed, make sure a good hold on the fabric beneath before moving the GX/GX - if not able to do that - off and start again.
  • Lose track of rows and or racking - restart.
  • I tried out the N/N row for the 15th row
  • And of course I left the N/N for 14 rows and left the EX/EX for the 15th. I really think that it was enough to rack the right way without fiddling with the N/X lever.

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