Sunday, January 20, 2008

Diamond and Eyelet ankle socks in Panda Maizy

In white Maizy. I really do need more ankle socks and but was committed to finishing off what I had on the needles. I don't like too many WIP. I don't mind having a fiddle with the next pattern to see how it's going to work, but once that's done, it's needles down and finish the socks I'm working on.

I'd cast on for Victorian Lace socks, all well and good until I did the first row of pattern. I do love Maizy best when it's finished and on my feet, it's just a bit of a bugger getting it that way. It's a very splitty yarn, a common Bamboo trait, though it's Corn in origin. Supposedly it's for softness, which I'd agree with. With all that in mind, Victorian lace pattern is not going to work with this yarn, much better to chose one of my finer wool based ones.

So it was off to one of my Stitchionaries for inspiration. I'd poured (and pawed) over them and earmarked (or sticky noted) many for socks/top working. I really liked the girly Diamond and Eyelet, p120 in Harmony Guides lace & eyelets and decided it would adapt very well to circular knitting, more than 25% of it (as written) has been changed, so I'll claim it as my own. I really love it, looks great, wasn't too painful to knit in splitty Maizy and decided to cast on the other socks at the same time. they look sensational. When finished, I'll post the pattern.

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