Friday, January 11, 2008

My Oblique having trouble with the K3 tog in mostly cotton, can only think how annoying this will get and I've only done 6 rows. am investigating an alternative sts from one of the stitchionaries I got for Christmas. I would rather ditch the 6 rows now and go with an alternative. Lacy Stars is looking good, 8 row pattern of which only 2 are pattern making the rest are knit/purl, will do a bit of a test knit above the berry sts centre panels. The lacy stars had p5tog, no way was the cotton going to handle that! decided to revise do a reverse on it so that it's p3 tog. I did test knit and looked fine, then decided to undo the entire centre back panel back to row 1 and reknit each row, which worked out remarkably well. so will do the ends for the centre front, but anchor the 1 st edge before I start out. it didn't take long and certainly better ripping all the sts back. I will keep the Lacy Star pattern in mind for another project.

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