Saturday, April 26, 2008

Victorias Grey Machine Knitted rugs

I made myself a rug on the Passap last Saturday, then I took it to Basketball cause it's always freezing. Daughter #2 saw it and decided she'd like one. Son #1's girlfriend said she'd like one too. Only trouble is Daughter #1 is in London, and if I made the girls one each and when she lands back in June and I haven't done one for her too... no can't do that, and did one extra one for her. I rummaged through to the bottom of the sale bins in Lincraft to get the last balls..Then time to call #2 and asked if she'd like her Christmas leftover wool in hers, or could I put some in Kelly's rug too? and she said put some in each, so I did. then I was off and running. the arms have just about fallen off from knitting 4 rugs this week.. but what does one really need working arms for? huh?

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