Saturday, May 24, 2008

Passap Socks

I've been refining my ankle socks and workshopping Passap machine knee socks for myself. I've made Loz's, but she has workshopped hers and had a working pattern for me to follow. The ankle socks I made are pretty close. The Passap book (guidelines) suggest T5, which is much looser than my handknit. I'm trialling T4.75 for the leg and T4.5 for the foot instead of extra sts on the leg and doing the decreases on the feet. . I did the first run experiment of the tension longer than I need so I could do a row countback. Next time I will make the rib T3 instead of T2.5. I've got some Regia cotton (200m/50g) to trial as well.

The knee length has had several make and rips, but I've got a working pair to trial wash and wear. I'll definitely need 4x50g balls, I cut into the 4th ball of the Hotsocks, I'll have enough though to make a fold over cuff, which Loz said was good on hers (hers used 3 balls). The Russian join worked well, I couldn't find one of them, always a good sign.

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