Sunday, January 18, 2009

Daughters, Dentists, Fabric and Fiddling with knitting.

This week's knitting efforts were put on the back burner for visiting daughters. My darling Anth visited early in the week, bringing fabric for Bush Fire Brigade display tablecloths. We cut 'em out, got 'em hemmed and put some elastic in some. I did manage to put the beaded edge on the tuck lace shawl. 100 beads later... but I could do this while chatting, no harm for a truly tiresome task. We found some really nice green Cleckheaton Bamboo to make her a Berrocco top.

Anth departed for home and a couple of hours later.. the revolving door which is my home, brought in Loz. This time she has fabric for a fancy dress costume. Next morning, she goes off to do some shopping we get time to do a bit of drafting before Dentist appointment. Luckily for us, we found our excellent dentist who makes the necessary adjustment to her, wasn't really ill and was able to go home. Inbetween time we looked through the Bendi samples and bought her some 2 ply Plum to make her her very own tuck stitch shawl and some yarn for her Shalom. And I did manage to chat and get the OTHER beaded end of the shawl cast off.

I undid a couple of rows on my Crescent Moon Shawl and redid them, I was a bit miffed, but it didn't take long to rip it back and redo. I think I did one too many rows of the pattern, which is why is wasn't turning out right! Dah! Next thing was to do the excel spreadsheet for the extra rows it needs (done).

I did a couple of trial AX pattern for my Henley style half and half jumper, and I've settled on Passap book 11, No 1682. Photos soon.

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