Monday, January 5, 2009

Starting up the New Year

What have I been doing instead of posting in the blog? I've been busy knitting, oddly enough, and when not knitting this past fortnight there's been Christmas, family, visiting, movie with friend and a funeral.
I made Shazza a pair of socks to cheer her up.

I've managed to get the 4ply cotton to knit and should finish the back today.

On the hand knits, I've been doing the Shalom vest, for the SnB knit and when it's late and I'm not able to do the necessary concentration to do the Japanese Feather and Fan shawl.

I'm really going to have to admit to choosing the wrong wool for my CPH, it has hit yet another hurdle, as I was finishing the bands, I've done one repeat of the cable less on one front... but I've had a really good look at it and I have to say, the handknitted Mystique 8plys have a much nicer finish. I'm almost ready to frog it and knit something else, then choose one of the Classic or Rustics to put through the machine. I know not everything goes through the machine, but learning to be tough and rip it if it's not what I hoped is hard going!

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