Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bendi 4ply Luxury Coop

Our Ravelry Bendigo group has organised a coop buy, approx 18m per share.

Finally got my old camera to work and the rain held of for a photo op:

And here is one bag of them all chopped up:


bobbins said...

Beautiful yarn! Is it as soft as it looks? I can't wait to see what you create out of it.

ozlorna said...

It is a gorgeous soft wool, but it comes in 200G balls and we all thought we'd like a little bit more to play with, so we all got together to buy one or two balls each, then chop them up and give everyone their share of each colour.

The group did an Luxury 8ply (DK) one and I "volunteered" to do the 4ply (fingering) one. My machine really really loves 4ply, so I bought double!

We are going to do the Rustic next.

bobbins said...

Now I really want touch-a-vision. Wish I could reach through the screen and touch the yarn. Is some of the 4 ply headed for socks?

My knitting buddies soft yarn of choice is Malabrigo - how does this compare?

I looked up the Rustic, and can't wait to see your box from that one!

ozlorna said...

It is very, very nice 100% wool. So I wont be doing socks, but some may find itself in the leg section, particularly as I have been known to run out on my whopping great big socks! I'm planning some fairisle on my machine. Maybe.. the flame pattern from the Hot Rod Socks on a vest for my daughter..

I'm not doing the Rustic sample coop - Sandy from Queensland is! Mel from Melbourne did the 8ply Luxury one.

Malabrigo is from Uruguay? I think? If so it's similar merino to ours. I'd say the softest local would be Patonyle - but if you want good colours you have to dye it yourself. Personally I like theknittery's sock yarn, the girl who does it (Daphne) is moving to the US (sob!). Luckily I bought enough to keep me in socks for a couple of years to come...