Tuesday, July 7, 2009

BMW 8ply Luxury Coop Samples

My samples from the Bendi Coop 8ply Luxury came the other day. I've been trialling different combos to see what colours will go together. I would really love to have the funds to buy one in each colour, of course, but like most.. not going to happen any time soon.

Well here is my sample knit/swatch/what-do-these-colours-look-together: (L-R)
2 rows Oceanic, Lake, Ice mix
4 rows Ghost
4 rows Pink
2 rows Mink, Red Earth, Pink mix
2 rows Iris Mist, Purple Storm. Pink

I like the first three.

4 rows Cream
2 rows Barley, Cream, Leaf, Cream.
2 rows Bracken, Leaf, Barley mix

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