Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Continental - tra la la la

After more than 30 years of contemplation and procrastination, I've finally decided it's about time to bite the bullet and learn to do the German or continental knitting technique. I've fiddled around with it over the years and have quickly given it the flick. Well yesterday I fished out that bag of 10 x 100g Patons Shadow Tweed that I got cheap at Wang last month (5.5 and 6.5 needles) and off to the practice patch for a bit. I'm doing Emerald from, a simple enough, stocking stitch mostly, project to practice on.

OK, I know, I WAS supposed to be sewing up Bluey, the cables and rib cardi - but who really likes sewing up? Me either! I've done some of it, really I have - ends woven in and all, on the collar, shoulders and sleeves are done and tidy- only both sides to go - see?

So this week in Lorna Land I'm going to
  • finish sewing up bluey, (only two long long loooonngg sleeves/sides ... sob sob!);
  • get good at continental, oddly enough I'm finding the purl easier - but I did practice it a lot yesterday - whilst all the time ignoring the pain of both these activities.
  • and finally, I want to get cracking on the Passap, get my vest done on the looser tension (OH NO, more sewing up... more sobs all week it looks like!); then get Loz's skirt swatched, write up the notes and get it done for her. She was coming over to help do it, but has now landed herself a 5 day job, much better then the 3 days she was doing, so it needs to be done and outta here. Hopefully get these two things off the machine, I don't even mind if the sewing up spills over to next week (is lying on the blog bad??).
So that's it for this week's plans. Now time to watch Aussie idol for a couple of hours and choose which painful activity to do - sew up or knit 142 sts 2:2 rib using continental. My head will probably just fall off by the end of the week and save me.


knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

Once I learned Continental knitting, I can't even remember how I did it the old way!

ozlorna said...

I'm pretty quick the old way - I've got long fingers and the hands never leave the needles! There's this good saying about teaching old dogs new tricks... Poor brain, poor fingers!

bobbins said...

how is the continental going? That is my method and it seemed like second nature to me. I keep trying to get familiar with the english style so I can more easily do stranded knitting.

ozlorna said...

The continental is painfully slow going! Good for the brain. I'll be trying to do a bit of both I think. I wouldn't do patterns with it just yet.

I did finish sewing up my blue cardi though! That went pretty quick.