Sunday, August 30, 2009

End of August already

Well. I've been sort of busy. I've finished my lovely cabled jacket and wore it out the other day. Here is my youngest daughter modelling it for me so I could take the photo. I had put a buttonhole in the top, but having worn it for a couple of times, I decided to undo the first couple of stitches, dropped down and reknitted them closed.

Then there was the mammoth job of doing the short row skirt for my eldest. Oh lordy, what a nasty job that was.

Here it is, just before I took it off the machine. Done in 3 colours, 2 rows of black between short rows of Silver Twist and Dark Plum Bendi Classic 5ply. She wants to do the finishing herself. It turned out to be an entire circle, I'll put it's fuzzy photo on the end of the post.

The continental is going well enough to keep it for Saturday's SnB knit. It's not quicker, but have done up to the arms of the body, started the sleeves in round. I don't mind leaving it on the slow burner, it's good to have an easy knit.

Next on my agenda is to do the last bit on my Bannister jumper and work on the machine vest in a bigger stitch size. The last one was wonderful, but stiff as a board!


sue said...

The jacket is just gorgeous Lorna. I love the color too. You will have to make sure to show us how the skirt looks being worn too. It looks as though it was a big job to do.

ozlorna said...

I'm seriously in love with that jacket! Even though it was a "Vague" oops that should be Vogue.. and so badly written, which is the norm for Vague patterns I've found.

My daughter promises to take a photo of her wearing her full skirt. I'm going to borrow it back to take the the KM meeting on 3rd Thursday for show and tell. It does look spectacular, her ideas, my machining - a nice one off for her.

Monique said...

Both of these are big projects Good for you!

bobbins said...

Beautiful jacket! I can understand why you love it. The skirt is amazing and can't wait to see it modeled. Lucky daughter.

Leeanne said...

I cant wait to see your daughters skirt finnished, its going to look soo lovely.
Havent seen you for a while at SnB are you okay?

ozlorna said...

I've sent you an email. Thank you for thinking of me! She loves her skirt and wears it to work.

Should be visiting the 'Gong in January.