Sunday, June 27, 2010

I've been busy

I've had a busy couple of weeks. I've finished the scarves and socks for the Jo from Knit for Tibet, there has been an earthquake and people have lost everything, so I said I'd put some things through the machine for her .. and she wanted scarves and socks. All done and posted back to her.

Next, I promised my friend Shelley that I'd make her wedding invites - phew, they are all done, I think there's about 110 of them, should have been 112 but two, umm, invites were harmed in the making of...

Next, some time ago we talked about me making her a shawl for her wedding, so I asked her if she still wanted one, yes she did, so .. straight away she chose the Japanese Feather and Fan, she tried mine on.. fiddled and chose the merino and silk lace yarn I had. Made a start on it, I decided to do a panel each day, easy when you start, and made it easy for me to do the invites. I'm going to have it finished by middle of August - say 15th. That gives me a fall back couple of weeks if the wheels fall off anything.

Just before all this, I started the Pewter Coat from IK Winter 08. I had just finished the Rambling Rose - a beautiful pattern, in two sizes, too small and too big. I had this big bag of Zoomy I got from the Mill shop last year, nowhere to put it of course, so I did the numbers and the small size worked out well with that really thick Zoomy. The lacy pattern really worked well in the thicker yarn, and the short row shoulder idea was fabulous! I ignored the instructions, really no point when the row count was hideously out. I did the turns on the yo, after I'd done the decreases.
Photo to come:

I'm also putting together my new machine table, from Ikea of course, it's a white laminated one, so I'll be able to attach the machine to it properly, this will be wonderful. It was just a bit wider that I thought, but will be just fine. I'm going to put some of my excess furniture in the garage so it's a comfortable fit.

Sooo... that's what I've been up to. Bin busy.

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