Sunday, June 13, 2010

Yoko's First Sock

Well I've just made a sock on the SK860. I've made so many on the Passap. But. I have been given some 8ply (DK) wool - I think it's Cleckheaton Country 8ply - definitely a mill end/remnant from Wangaratta Mill. Looks a bit thick and I did a quick wrap around the only thing with inches I have - an old tape measure and was 10 wpi not 11, it will not be an easy knit on the Passap. So. Time to learn new things today.

first try:
Cast on 48 - T4/4. 16 rows, drop the ribber one click, then transferred to the ribber and knitted one row. I tried out using the garter bar on one side, and moving them on the next. I don't like using scrap knitting. Next time I'll take them off with the circ and put them back on again, though, the garter bar did work. It's just a bit big. If I think I'll make more, I'll invest in a set of decker combs from that fellow in Germany, they are by far the quickest. NEXT TRY: 48 is too wide (with this wool) so 40 or 44 will be better.
Next onto the circular knitting.
Setting: T5/7 - 50R (next do 60) apparently the ribber is two numbers higher than the main bed and looking at the finished sock, it's pretty close. BUT. Oh My Goodness... there is a plastic thingy - a D something something, that you have to slide over the ribber needles before you knit the ribber row every time. EVERY TIME! Reminder to self: It's quicker than knitting by hand... and ... annoying.
The short rows were easy enough, on the back/main bed. down to 8 and back worked out nicely. Dropping the ribber one click, changing the plate over and back, adding a weight to the heel, all easy.
circ to 80Rows worked out well. measured 15cm/6", moved weights, no problems
dec each end, each bed, next and every 4th row count (2nd row) to 12sts.

Take photo .. and before it gets too comfortable - undo the lot and remake with a few more rows before the heel and 4-8 less stitches.

Next one was great:
Cuff: CO 44, T3/3 16R, keep comb and weights on. Trans to ribber. reset. for ribber to knit 2 R T7, undo last quarter (11 sts).
drop bed about 2 clicks, move carriages to end, trans end quarters (11sts) to main bed with garter bar, making sure yarn thread is out of the way (wind it on the mast) Reset RC.

Leg: 69R COL,
Heel: drop ribber 1 click, change plates and settings for short rows down to 8 and back. Reset RC.

Foot: change plate and setting for circ, 80R

Toe: dec 1 sts each end, both beds every 2nd row (4RC) to 10 sts.

Graft toe, sew cuff.

Make another one.


knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

Looks good to me. I have a sock a hanging on the Passap for nearly a week. After reading your post I've decided I'd better finish it. Just have to knit the toe.

ozlorna said...

Glad I can be of assistance.I like doing the toe,it's The End of it, can't come soon enough. I've done so many socks I always want to finish them to get onto something more interesting...