Sunday, September 26, 2010

Making a Vest

Theo and Anth took me to Bendigo in July. On the way we stopped at Wangaratta mill shop and Theo bought some 3ply blue wool. Then I said I'd make him a vest. He likes the Passap and the Passap likes 3ply - all good.

All was well for the body and I decided to do the armhole and neck ribbing on the Passap, put it on waste yarn and sew/graft/kitchener it on. Well that was a dismal failure. It looked really awful, so in the end I took up the knitpicks 2.25s and did them by hand. Much better.


Jemajo said...

Pity you had to resort to hand knitting, but it was worth it - looks lovely!

Monique said...

The vest looks great. Yea I tried sewing on bands before. Doesn't work for me either. I have to knit them directly on from the machine.

ozlorna said...

Thanks girls. Monique I didn't have it in me to put it back onto the Passap in 2.2 rib.. I thought about it and decided to keep knitting instead!