Friday, December 17, 2010

No Boring Bits Machine and Hand Knit Projects

I'm interested in putting some hand knit panels onto the machine and getting the machine to do the boring bits.

I know there are many ways to do this already. Tried and true, but I thought I'd like to see which one I liked best.

The most obvious one is to sew the pieces together with mattress stitch, but I didn't want to do that, mostly because I thought it would pull in an unpleasant way along the bustline.

Firstly, daughter decided to try our hand at a Drops dress/tunic pattern and I decided to do Climbing Vines, both have a varying stitch count over a number of rows and is too much of a pain to do on the machine.

On this one, daughter hand knitted the bands on the train to and from work, and joined the "bar" up on the KX350 Brother machine. As best described in Diana Sullivan's single bed sock tutorial. However, this is excellent for thinner sock wool, on this 8ply yarn, it's not quite so good.

Next bright idea we had was to pick up the "bump" not the "bar". As Best described as being the bit between the bar, very each to pick up on thick work.

This brings me to my second project that I've been trying to figure out the best way of making, the Climbing Vines Jumper.

So I decided to knit up the leaf panel on 4.00mm needles, but first I did the ribbing on the Passap, cause it's quick and easy. Then onto the plastic KX350:

Here is a pretty clear shot of the "bump" that we decided may give a tighter "seam"

I used the single prong to get the stitch and put it back onto the machine.

And put it onto the needle, which is done every second row and really worked well.


Jemajo said...

Happy New Year!
Love both of these and the joining of the panels is totally convincing!
They'll be well appreciated in the freezing UK winter!

ozlorna said...

Happy New Year to you too. We are both very pleased with the result. Worth doing on those projects with varying stitch counts - hopeless to do on the machine, way too fiddly.

safiye serbest said...

Merhaba arkadaşım çok güzel modeller bende bu örgü makinadan çok istiyorum ama maddi imkanım yok

ozlorna said...

Google translated this for us:

Hi my friend very nice models, but I want this machine, so you do not have material

ozlorna said...

Thanks to Jemajo who has a better translator than mine. The Turkish is:

“Hello my friend, this knitting machine I would very much like, it is a very good model, but do not have the financial opportunity”

knitterPat said...

Just read this wonderful tip! So clever of you. I will for sure try it out. Thank you for the inspiration!:)

ozlorna said...

We both had a lot of fun doing it too.