Sunday, December 5, 2010

I've made some Shawls

It's been a bit longer than I thought, since I blogged. Daughter moved in for a few weeks, which of course turned into about a month longer. We've been stuffed into a 2 bed apartment, my son, my cat and my darling daughter had a bed in the dining room where I had my machines set up, so they got squashed into the only spare space left. Daughter is more important than machines! Time to do some handknitting - with beads. Why not?

Anyways, she has left this morning, visiting friends, then staying with her Dad until she leaves for the UK to spend Christmas with her new soon to be inlaws.

I've made her a shawl from some gorgeous silk I bought from the Bendigo Wool and Sheep Show in July, direct from the Moseley Park stand - Moseley Park 100% silk laceweight in Ice Glow.

Loz chose Haruni and I bought the silver lined silver beads from Empire Beads, the 3mm (8/0) and 4.5mm (5).

Then I decided to make up my silk/merino I won as a monthly prize from theknittery, when Daphne was in Victoria, she's now in the US and not dyeing. Such a shame, I loved her work.

So, while I was looking at shawls I came across Frozen Leaves and decided it would be perfect. I ordered the beads for both and here is mine:

This month, I hopefully will be machining again.


Monique said...

Both shawls are beautiful. Great choices. Great work on the one you knitted!

ozlorna said...

Thank you Monique! I'm also very pleased with how they turned out.

CrazyCarla said...

Beautiful! I am working myself up to try to knit lace.