Sunday, June 5, 2011

Machine Dutch Heel

Sandy, on Ravelry, found a delightful pattern for machine knit Dutch heel socks. Well, you know me and socks - had to try them out, didn't I?

Very interesting construction. I really liked how they turned out. I haven't worn them yet, but the day is still young. I may just need to wear them today.

I followed the instructions as written, on the Passap, I've put all the std gauge machines away, so dropped the front bed and worked the rows on Miss Pinky.

I decided to put a little bit of padding to the mini flap rows.

My numbers are:
C/O72, T3.5, 2.2 IR ribbing 16R
T4.75, CX/CX 170R
*GX/BX 1.1, right arrow, 1 row, end pushers WP.
GX/N 1 row, bring outside pushers to WP*
Repeat * to * for 24 R
GX/N, Heel divide: 11/14/11 (follow original instructions) RC000
CX/CX T4.75 30R NO reset, change to T4.5, to 150R
Toes - Dec 1 sts all four edges on RC 150, 158, 164, 17o, 174, 178, 182, 186 then ev round till 8 sts remain.

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