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Wildhoney's Machine Knit Shawl "Kate"

Over on Ravely, we asked wildhoney - aka Natalia, how she made her Shawl "Kate", she was kind enough to write it out in English for us, which is excellent, our Russian isn't very good. This is what she wrote:


I’m sorry, my language is not very well.
You asked about the shawl? there are shot rows, they make a half of the circle. There are 8 wedges (or triangles) and a ruffle.

I’ll try to describe…

Cast on 200 st and make 2 rows. Turn on a shot-rows mode on a carriage, (1)put forward in position D 3 st. Repeat from (1) every 2nd row till 4st in work. Turn off the shot-rows mode and make 2 rows. = it is 1 triangle. Repeat it 8 times (or more, if your gauge is different)

The ruffle: cast on 20st. and make 10 rows by some different thread and 1 row of main thread (the carriage is on right side). put the edge st of the shawl on the last left needle (there two sts on needle now, ruffle has 20 sts always! do not increase!), make 1 row and move the carriage on right. (4) Do 20 rows (10 edge sts in work) and make a triangle: (2)Turn on a shot-rows mode on a carriage.
put forward in position D 2 (or 4) sts. on left. Repeat from (2) every 2nd row till 4st in work (on right side). (3)Push 2st in position B. Repeat from (3) every 2nd row. Turn off the shot-rows mode and work like from (4)

Hope, I’m not too silly to explain :) If you have questions, I’ll try to answer with pleasure.

This pattern is based on the pattern by Olga Igumnova and ruffles are by Anna (Annabox from


Some of our newer knitters wanted a more detailed instructions, and here it is for them:

The Shawl:

Cast on 200 sts (Natalia says she used 410g of yarn) with waste yarn.

Knit 2 rows

(1) Set machine to Hold for short rows.

** put 3 needles into HP (bring them all the way out), knit 2 rows** (either wrap needle or make an eyelet, choose whichever you like best - Diana Sullivan's sock youtube tutorial describes this very well - move the marker to about the 6 minute mark - but we are only doing short rows on one side, so we make a nice wedge)

Repeat from ** to ** until 4 sts remain.

Take machine off Hold, knit 2 rows. (2)

This sequence makes one triangle. Repeat from (1) to (2) at least 8 more times, depending on the thickness of the yarn.

The Ruffle:

Cast on 20 sts on waste yarn and knit about 10 rows. Change to main yarn. Carriage on Right (COR)

Put the edge of the shawl on the last needle (using Sew As You Go Technique - link to Diana Sullivan's youtube lesson - which explains this very well). There will be two stitches on this needle, the last needle's stitch and the first loop on the shawl. DO NOT INCREASE STITCH COUNT.

(3) *Knit 2 rows, put a bar from the edge of the shawl onto the last needle*

Repeat from * to * 10 times (20 rows and 10 edge stitches have been made)

Set machine to Hold for short rows.

++put 2 or 4 needles into HP on left, knit 2 rows ++ Repeat from ++ to ++ until 4 sts remain.

+ push 2 or 4 needles into UWP (Upper working position - take care not to push them in too far, about 2cm or 3/4" of needle hanging past the gatepegs is about right), knit 2 rows +. Repeat from + to + until all needles are in WP. (4) (choosing 2 sts will produce a lot of ruffle!)

Repeat from (3) to (4), but omit one set of knit 2 rows—so only 2 rows are knitted between sets not 4. Always 2 rows between actions - either putting on the edging or doing the short rows.

Finish and embellish as you refer. Choosing a beautiful yarn is probably the best thing to do for the first one before fiddling with beads etc.


There you are girls, I hope you can follow the instructions.

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Thank you for sharing this. I'll knit this shawl one day.