Friday, July 22, 2011

Slip Stitch Brim on Two Hats

I bought some Bendigo Woollen Mills Rustic 8ply in 50g balls from the Sydney Craft and Quilt show in June. I wanted to do some felting experiments with slip stitch as an alternative to garter stitch on the SK860 mid gauge aka Yoko.

Basically, they are the same hat design, but in different sizes so I could felt one.

I'll write up the unfelted hat first, it's a beanie with a sun visor is what it is.

Prepare the Brim first:
T4: Cast on 50, (ewrap), and do two things at once: every 4th row, do one row EON slip stitch, (two posts back is details on how to do this). First thing is do short rows, 1 needle end of every row down to 17 sts and then do two rows, starting across the 17 sts, to the end, one complete row then a part row back to where you started and short row back.
On the way back, pick up a loop and put it on every second needle (EON).
Put the cast on edge but don't knit. Take off machine however you like, WY, garter bar, knitting needle.

Cast on 120 + 2 (one extra on each ends 11.1.1 ~ 1.1.11) EON for a mock rib. work 20R. Join up the cast on edge into the empty needle, don't knit yet, put the brim on.
However, what I did in the photo was put the brim on top of the mock rib, however, I put it UNDER on the felted one, which I liked better.
Next, knit one row, mock rib, both edges of the brim, all in one row. Reset RC to 000.
Work straight to 50 rows.
skipping the Edge stitches - don't count them, they are being sewn together. (What we are doing is K2tog, k6 repeat to end). put needle 2 onto 3, miss the next 6, then needle 10 onto 11, and so to end and fill in the gap = rehang however you like - garter bar, waste yarn, circ needle. knit 4 rows.
Reducing the missed stitches by one needle each time, do this twice more (three lots of 4 rows inbetween), then every second till there are no more stitches inbetween.

I completely messed up the first one because I did not make sure, before I did the 2togs, that I was on the correct needle and that I had the correct number of needles inbetween.

Finishing: take off, thread through the loops, sew up back seam, weave in ends.

Next are the numbers for the felted version:
T7: C/O 72, short row sequence: 1 sts at each end 10 times, then 2 sts each end to 22 sts and back, while doing the slip stitches, EON every 10th row.
C/O 160 + 2, EON mock rib, 20 rows, same as the other one.
Join the end of the rib, cap under the rib, knit one row.
Knit 16 rows,
Skip the first needle, then 2 tog, 8, to end, three times. (three sets of 16 rows) Same, reducing of the needles inbetween,
then do the same every 4th row till none are left.

Finish the same.
Felting. I had a real feltathon so in it went in with 4 pairs of slippers and a bag. I have a front loader, so I hand washed them all, got the excess dye out of all the red things, rinsed till clear, made a pathetic effort in squeezing out the excess water = put them all in the bucket and chucked them all into the dryer on super hot. Which was ok because they had just come out of a hot/cold/hot/cold hand wash cycle. I checked on them every couple of minutes, redunked the hat, took out the bag, and they them all another bash around the dryer, took the socks out then it had another 5 mins to really shrink down.

I thought the brim felted in an interesting pattern, the EONs were in line on the same needle. I really like the result, much better than garter stitch, which makes also makes a thicker piece where you need it but always looks - lumpy, doesn't it.


Anna said...

I liked the felt hat! I also want to make felt knitted things, but I'm afraid that they are strongly reduced in size. As the process control? .

ozlorna said...

One of the reasons I did two hats, the exact same design but one giant one to felt down. The choice of feltable wool is a big factor. Bendigo Rustic is exceptional at felting. You can see the difference in stitch number, row counts and tension. You MUST give the prefelted item somewhere to felt TO. If there's not enough room it goes rock hard. I checked my feltables in the dryer every few minutes, the hat needed the most, it had the furthest to shrink. Then I found a 23" mixing bowl to plonk it on. when it was dryer I found a round (empty sugar bowl to put on top of a drinking glass to round the top.