Friday, July 22, 2011

Slip Stitch Stocking Stitch Hem Edge

After I did the slip stitch socks, I was surprised to see it at our knitting club meeting last June.

We are going through one of the older no-longer-knitting ladies' sample book. It's a lovely collection of samples. Margaret was "picked" (we all duck under the chair when asked "who's going to show us something from the book next month") and she chose this one:

Knit your band however you like, WY, ravel cord, ewrap, whatever, and knit half the band. Bring EON out to hold, set your machine to either PART; Russel levers | side levers forward; ***BX (but I'd do that on the back bed and drop the FB for the next part, but that's me). knit one row.
Return setting to what they were before.
Knit three rows.
Pick up loops (every 2nd needle has a loop)
knit second half of the band.
Pick up stitches from beginning and join in your usual manner.

I liked this so much I decided to do some experimenting.

Edit: ***
or you could bring them up on the back bed, GX/N the next three rows and transfer them to the FB. But really the Passap do such a lovely cast on anyway, I wouldn't bother.

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