Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Double Layer Felted Slippers

These are my working notes, so I'll add a little bit so they make more sense in context.
They should not be your first pair of felted slippers.
They are perfect for your second pair - you have worked out how many stitches and rows you need.

Now you are adding an extra layer - instead of adding thickness with garter stitch, I do this on the machine by first doing a separate layer, with EON slip stitch, every fourth row alternating the slip - starting on needle 2 after the first four then on needle 3 on row 8. (you can see how you need to know how many stitches and rows.)

Next you are knitting the cuff. It has four sections - a front - a back +1 and two sections of 5 stitches inbetween. - so your needles might be 13/5/24/5/12 = half back +1/ 5 sides/ front/ 5 sides/ half back
To make the cuff you need your cuff stitches plus 10 extra (or whatever you decide).
make the cuff with the slip stitch alternating every fourth row, then joining them onto the front.
either join it all up or if you leave it separated, you can take it off - back+1, sides, front, sides, back. Put the sides on bobby pins (or paperclips or anything that you can take off each indiviually)
then put your backs onto the machine - one or two. if you want to just the inner and make your liner.
first you will do your short row heel - with every 4th row alternating slip stitch loops, and back -
now you pick 1 of the side stitches, each row, put another one on the other end (10 rows will have a stitch from the cuff on the end before knitting the next row (remembering to do your 4th row slip stitch all the way to the end)
work to the end of your and do your short row toe. put the stitches on a needle or waste.
back to the begging of your cuff back.
pick up the outer stitches,
then with the same number of stitches and rows, knit your outer, picking up the slip loops every 4th row, doing your short rows, picking up your side stitches all the way to the toe, put your inner on your toe.
then use the SAYG technique to do the upper - knit to front of cuff, and graft.

Sorry I didn't put the explanation in  first. I do these notes for me. But I do think that they are the best and my family love, love them and I have to do a couple more this year. For Theo.

These are for me out of the Nundle 8ply wool.
I used 4 x 50 g of Camel and 3 x 50 g Natural

The cuffs and sole are double thickness, joined with the slipped stitch of the first layer being placed onto the needles on the second layer.
Machine: KX350, stitch size: T9.
Cuff: Cast on 63sts, then every 4 rows, alternate the EON stitches slipped to RC40,
Straight to RC 44
Then pick up the slip stitch loop and put on needles, every 4th row to end.

Next ones make 24+24+10+1
24 sole and top, 10 = 5 each side and 1 for the seams.
Sole Liner: on 26sts, overlap the ends with two stitches on the centre 13/14sts, then short rows to 12 sts and back for the heel and AT THE SAME TIME do slst EON ev 4 rows
RC 60 put marker for SAYG pick ups.
S/R to 8 knit off on WY or needle
Sole Outer: divide remaining stitches on cuff 5/26/5. The photo showed the pick up on the other side of the cuff, I'm just about to put the first line of slipped stitches onto the needles.
Pick up 26 +1 on other side of cuff. work S/R and pick up every 4 rows down to 12 and back.
Next: pick up 1 st each side x10 - 5 sts each side, don’t forget to pick up slst all the way to toes.
End of S/R to 8, put all stitches from inner onto needles knit back to beginning (top of toe).
at SAYG markers, pick up all side bars on the way back to the cuff.
In other words, I'm always picking up the slipped stitch loops every 4th row, then doing the short row heel, then picking up 5 stitches each alternate side (10 rows) so I have a wider ankle cuff, then working to 60 rows, setting my side bar with a bobby pin, starting my short row toe down to 8sts, putting all the live stitches from the sole liner onto the needles and finishing the short rows back.
Graft to cuff, sew back seam with a loose over stitch.
Felt. This is the bottom of the felted layers. The Bendigo Rustic felts so much better, more evenly, but I have over 40 of these Nundle balls, that I got for $1. at this rate I'll have enough felted slippers for the rest of my life. Unless I so something daring and make a very large coat or blanket out of it.


Harrow Knitter said...

Nice to see the work you have done. I seem to spend more time looking through other peoples work and getting ideas for projects than actually doing anything!

ozlorna said...

Thank you. I'm attempting to knit some of my excess stash this year! lots of ideas into reality - oooo I hope!!!