Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chemo Hats and Headband Cast On Comb

My friend called the other day, she was not having a good one. Instead of going to the hairdressers to get her hair dyed a delightful red/brown, she had to get it cut off as great big chunks of it were coming out. Is my friend Lyn worried about the Chemo, radiation or operation.. or even that she has cancer? Nope none of that, her prognosis is excellent - she will be in good health again on the other side of all that - no, no, not my dear friend, she was really down about her hair. So I thought I'd make her some new hat hair until she gets a wig later this month. And here is her happy self, wearing one and clutching the other:

She loves her new hat hair so much she wore it to the clinic for her radiation treatment and they were quite taken with her hair, so I asked her if they would like some at the clinic and they said yes, so last Sunday I made them all in a single line.
And here they are, I had all this stuff in a bag to send to Vinnies, I must be meant to keep it to make hats!!! Who knows? I took three packets to Lauren when I went to London last year, the bright and colourful ones and here are the brown ones. I was going to make trauma teddies - instead I'm making hat hair!! Oh well, as long as it's something!

I haven't had any success with the same single bed cast on I use for the other Singer/Silver Reed machines. e-wrap works, as does the double or knit back e-wrap.

Sandy sent me a make your own cast on bomb thingy like the Brother one, out of bobbypins and while I was at the hair place I saw a wire tooth metal headband that I thought looked very promising. So I bought one. Well it really works well. I threaded a bit of wool scrap through it, but.. I really think some hat elastic like the Bond set up would be even better. Anyways, here is a photo of it at work:


Sunflower Sue said...

would you please send me the instructions for this hat. I love it. a friend of mine is just beginning her battle with cancer and I think she would love it. I also want to take the hats to the hospital for others... I do have a brother knitting machine but do hand knitting also..... love your site. will be visiting often

ozlorna said...

Oh Thank you for your comments, I can assure you that making them for the clinic is a wonderful gift to bring some smiles. Apparently the men were loving purple hair too!
The pattern, idea, everything is Sandy's work.

Here is a link to Sandy's blog all about Chemo hats she has made:

She says - In summer the cotton triangles are more welcome.

Good luck with them and good recovery for your friend too.

Jean Shirley said...

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ozlorna said...

I have to also add, according to Lyn, the men were also wanting to wear the hats and the clinic was full of patients of all nationalities, genders and ages wearing the hats. I was specifically asked not to forget about the men. Apparently the young men loved the green and blue!!