Saturday, May 9, 2015

Chunky/Bulky SK155 Felted Slippers

I'm making three felted slippers on my lastestly bought machine my MissTake SK155. I should start off by saying there's a lot easier ways of making felted slippers. doubling the yarn for the sole and fairisle on the upper is nice and KrisKrafter has a very popular pattern for her way of doing them, and they are much easier than the slip stitch sandwich sole that my family like best.

So, these are how I make mine, each to their own as they say, but when I want to make another pair, my notes are all ready for me to read up and knit.

I'm editing the pattern, it will be back soon.


sarahjeanne18 said...

Hi! In love with these felted clogs. Do you still have any plans to make the pattern available again? Thanks!

ozlorna said...

They were in the Machine knitting monthly Oct 2015. I will be getting around to writing it up on the blag. but I'm giving the magazine a bit of a plug first.

Come back in about a month and I'll put the pattern back on the blog.

sarahjeanne18 said...

Looking forward to it. Thank you! Love your blog. I've been MKing about a year but already own 4 machines...I'm addicted! Love the opportunity to learn from experienced knitters like you.