Friday, May 8, 2015

MissTake aka SK155

What happens when ebay says.. ooohh you liked this KX350? you've looked at it twice, how about looking at this? It was an SK155 bulky machine - with $80 freight to Oz - from California - so I put in the minimum bid. thinking - no way am I going to get this, but, but $80 all the way from California?? really?  I couldn't get it sent to the other side of Sydney for 80 bucks. So I put in the bid.

Well the next week I was unpacking the jolly thing in my loungeroom. How did this happen? I do not know. LOTS of people said, Why didn't I tell them I got one so cheaply on ebay?? And I said - where was your bid???? less than $500 oz dollars landed on my loungeroom floor packed in Hanna Montana Christmas paper? Honestly I kid you not, several rolls of it and.. where were all the other bids? huh?

So I have MissTake a beautiful SK155 9mm chunky/bulky metal knitting machine only needed a new sponge no rust, no yuk on the needles, just as Mary Poppins as can be - practically perfect in every way.

I thought she would like her photo in here somewhere so here she is:

 and we made a sleeve in Bendigo 10ply Shetland
then the rest of it, which turned out like this:


Tom Machine Knitting Guy said...

Gorgeous sweater. Your own pattern?

ozlorna said...

Hi Tom, it's loosely based on the Roosevelt Cardigan.

Green Chickadee said...

Sounds like you got a bit of a bargain there with the machine!
On the off chance - do you have any of the 10ply Shetland that you are willing to sell me?? I'm about half a ball short to finish a jumper :(

ozlorna said...

I have about 80gms left.. I'll weight it up if you think this will be enough.

365 Dresses said...

Beautiful sweater!

Marlene said...

I love it!!! So cozy!!