Friday, October 26, 2007

Spare time activities

Well I have been spending time this week on reworking an en francais pattern. I really like the site, and I really like some of the patterns, even though all en francais. I do believe if you are going to go to the trouble of knitting a garment, then make it spectacular - not too little and not too much, for either the yarn or the wearer. So far so good, never read the instructions anyway!

The pattern is
the white twin set on the bottom of the page, # 467 & 468, now is that a twin set or what??
there is a great pattern for dotta #2, but she doesn't wear what I make her - no knitted gift from spectacular French design for her, however dotta #1, may find something nice and french (but not oh la la) in her Christmas parcel. Depends how long it is going to take me to do it, should say next birthday, and be safe. (that's for if she is secretly stalking the blog, she does that, I know, I should switch around the dotta # and confuse her, haha).

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