Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wheels fell of the Chariot

Well the optomistic prediction that removing and cleaning 358 needles and 358 needle pattern rods and their needle beds could be done in an afternoon, was, well, optomistic! the BACK bed is done. I started it first. I know me. If I'd started on the front bed, I would've NEVER not in a million years done the back bed. Things were going along so well. time consuming, but well. all 358 needle and bits came out of the back bed beautifully, look a bit of time to clean but worth it. I don't think it's EVER seen an everything removed clean and I bought it in 1981.

Now onto the front bed, the one used most, bllaaahhh, out came the needles, put into soak. then the pattern rods. jammed solid shut in the rail. * applied copious quantites of cleaning solution, pushed, proded, and jiggled ALL 179 of the little darlings, applied a gentle tap of encouragement from the hammer*, repeat from * to*, most of yesterday afternoon. Now all sitting in solution soaking themselves clean. the needle beds will need working on too, hopefully all the stuff I applied yesterday will have improved things.

Then last but not least, the chariots themselves. Applied the lubricant to all the bits the book said, but was still rough. Email ex-. Get really good reply from ex- buy silicone spray lubricant for chariot, if still troublesome, but will probably loosen up. Tomorrow: Have to find a good place for the Chariot and it's rails. I must not use Chariot where it is - will break window.

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