Sunday, October 28, 2007

We have a Chariot

Out from under the bed and dustcover comes the chariot. I removed dust, shinied up the legs and managed to put them back on, and the whole thing has been inspected (sniffed) and apparently meets approval. Now it's time for arvo coffee and cuddles, then we (and I do mean me) will clean the needle beds and oil up the needles. Got the books out of the draw for inspection. So maybe tomorrow we will be ready for a test drive of the "chariot". (I've been getting some of the French patterns ready to knit, and the instructions say move the chariot a gauche and knit 1 more row.) So I can't in all honestly go back to calling it the carriage. nevermind, the bloody heavy darling will be just great. I've found instructions to knit socks even... there will be no stopping me now. I may even knit knee length ones. and all who have seen me know there is no way I'd be knitting world's biggest longest knee length socks any other way.

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