Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cherry Swallowtail Shawl

Swallowtail Shawl pattern is available from the designer Evelyn Clark as a free PDF.

Yep, started what I brought home, 'tis the rule. What a gorgeous knit, lovely pattern and yarn, both, fabulous combo. It's a 6 row repeat pattern, so I should be able to do one 6 row set, for the rest of the week, as I've finished this week's focus project. No More Adding to Stash! Work on finishing a different project every week. So far so good.

Finished 15 Oct.

The Knittery yarn is 650m, and the Swallowtail, as written uses 400m, lots of extra to put into mine. When I finished the 14 repeats, I measured out about 4m and it knitted just over 1.5 rows of repeat 15, so 16 m would do for repeat 15; then I allowed 1 metre more for the each of the following repeats; doing 20 repeats would take an extra 120 ish metres, leaving plenty for the borders.

For the Lily of the Valley borders, one more repeat of each, four in all.

Peaked edge: did extra one extra repeat on the last 2 rows of the chart, then followed Evelyn's PDF instructions for the last two rows and cast off.

I really enjoyed making my first ever shawl. I had it on my shoulders last night, it was quite warm too. Now if the weather if kind, I will block it and put up it's final picture.

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