Thursday, October 23, 2008

Twist + Shout Jacket

Progressing well on the body piece, which worked out really well. There is increase/decrease in the fronts every 2nd row, cables every 6th row, and waist shaping every 8th, none for 12, every 6th to keep track of, much easier in one piece. I didn't want a 6 stitch panel up the side and reduced each side by one stitch, to keep the continuity of the 4:2 rib on the side seam. I reversed the set up row as I didn't want to start on the wrong side. I'm almost up to the armhole divide. I'll do the back first, then the major changes to the front shaping:

That circular collar doesn't work, fit or look good so I'm going to do a lapel collar. The diagonal cable panel will change direction. Hopefully this will work out without too many rip and redos. I'm definitely not going to do the fronts as originally designed. I'll keep you posted, so to speak! (It did - only one rip back then I posted all the mods)

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