Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Better late than ever Post about my "new" book

I ordered "A Machine Knitter's Guide to Creating Fabrics: Jacquard, Lace, Intarsia, Ripple and More" by Susanna Lewis and Julia Weissman. It's out of print. It's old, but as luck would have it, my even older machine predates it. There is lots of excellent information and patterns for me to try out.

I did have a bit of a fiddle with one of the patterns in some Noro sock wool. It's an awful sock wool and I wouldn't make socks with it. The slub parts don't go through the machine very well, maybe I'll try it again in a couple of weeks and be patient with it going through the feeder.


steel breeze said...

The noro makes ok MK socks, but it biases (and twists on itself) like nobody's business. I wouldn't have the patience to knit it by hand, it's so... kinky! :)

My socks were a little stiff on the machine but they softened up after a wash...

ozlorna said...

I found an extremely thin section when wound it into the centre pull ball to inspected it, down to 1 ply thickness. So not for socks I think.

I wanted to make a boteh scarf wannabe on the machine after I found the short row instructions and the big loopy twisty idea and was able to get a nice accent by making bigger loops and racking once back and again.

It was probably an over ambitious idea using tricky Noro with a lot of fiddling with the settings, changing my mind mid project!

I'll put a bit more thought into it before I give it another go.