Sunday, March 15, 2009

Garage Clean up - What's in the Box?

Well... this week Dotter #1 came down for a two day cleanupathon on her junk she's storing in my garage, taking up space where we could actually park a car. I assembled 2 x metal shelves. which we put sorted junk. She has ordered a bookshelf for her room and will take books away in a couple of weeks. I do believe we have both had enough of cleaning up the garage until then. I reckon there's about another 2 to 4 hours to completely tidy it up for good, once the books have been rehomed.

We threw out 3 bins of recycling and 2 of rubbish. I didn't want to go through all my boxes, but decided to sort anything with paper and yarn. My contribution to the recycling.. I only have to keep papers for 7 years and 2001 - so out of here..

Then, packed right at the back, one box of wool and acrylic, so much bigger than I remembered. And no, I didn't think there was almost 3kg of acrylic 5ply!!! 29 x 100gm. I met a lady who knits for Eritrea, and will wait till I see her again and see if she wants -3kg of socks or rugs. either or, they can be done on the machine. And the wool.. wonderful, wonderful, can't buy it anymore 100% 4ply wool, waxed ready for machine (or hand) in various shades of pink, red, white and natural - 5 x 100g of all but the red 8 x 100g - yep over 3kg of it! And some fine blue wool boucle that isn't so bad as it sounds.. and some rather interesting blue/brown 25g ball of wool/nylon blend, will be good for a short sleeve cardi/shrug. Who knew over 7kg of wool/acrylic would fit in that box!!! Just what I needs - more wool. Oh dear. Thank goodness there was only one box.. ahhhhh.

We certainly put in the effort to get such a good result. We were able to put her bigger items at the back, which will make the final tidy up much easier. We may need to buy another metal shelf or two. Whatever it takes.

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