Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bendi 4ply Luxury Vest Working Notes

I can now knit socks, toe up, top down, short row heel or heel flap for my family. Time to get serious about gaining some proficiency for things-other-than-socks.

Working Notes for 4ply Vest

Different styles to experiment with:
  • Big cable ? Susan G's HMSFMK version of short rows? looser stitch size and 4x4 x4 at rest, reversing in say 6 rows time?
  • A pattern out of my Passap pattern book?
  • Incorporating some of the colour samples from the coop buy?
  • A racked zigzag on the front, plain back (seen in the shops?)

I've bought 2 x 200G Luxury 4ply each of Black, Denim Blue and Ghost for my machine to knit. I'm using Caron's Long Cabled Vest as a template and although written for 10ply aran, the schematic is exactly right and I should be able to adapt the patterning to suit.

Swatch stitch sizes tested after a nice time relaxing on the lid of the sample container:
T5 31S/47R
T5.5 30S /44R
T6 28S/40R
T6.5 26s /37R

Going with T6 for stocking stitch,
T4 for 2:2 industrial rib.
Have had a couple of false starts, and it's off the machine and remeasure - too big, I'll recheck all my calculations. 4x4 cable and 4 resting each side, every 10 rows is OK. I changed the spare looped stitches from this swatch so that 2 loops go on the 4 stitches that go behind.


bobbins said...

I'm not a machine knitter, but do like the interesting cables you have on the swatch, very unique! The item does look quite touchable.

I like watching the creative process to develop the pattern you want to make.


ozlorna said...

The trouble with experimenting is remembering what worked and what didn't. The notes help me keep track of it.