Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Machine Vest 5ply Working Notes

I'm going to use the 5ply burgundy wool from Wang Mill to make two vests. I thought I'd make up in a simple form, before I do all the cables on the Denim one. I saw one in the shops yesterday and I'm sure I'll be able to make this up in good quality wool and a nicer colour.

This vest: half fisherman's rib, N/EX, purl ribs showing on the outside.
swatch results:
T3.5 1:1 rib 20R
T4: 30S/75R
T4.5: 28S/60R
T5: 27S/65R

Fabric is quite thick, and would be an excellent substitute for polar fleece vest. I've got 625g of the lighter burgundy, there's 10 balls crepe and 5 spiral, I'll use these for all the ribs and leave the crepe for the body, hopefully I'll get a bit of extra length through the ribs, perhaps I'll put a ribbed section through the waist? I'll see what looks best. Buttons to the neck.

Next sample:
racked rib: 5x5 handle down (halfpitch). - lightly stretched.
T4.5: S28/42R
T5: S25/38R

This will work out nicely for the 500G. I would like to be able to use the same schematic as the Denim cable vest. One with V neck and one up to the neck. I won't bother with buttons on this one.

Next sample:

Honeycomb tuck stitch in Wang 2ply remnant:

T : S/ R
T : S/ R
T : S/ R

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