Friday, January 22, 2010

My working Notes for Yoko - Sk860

Settled on a name: Yoko it is.

Working Notes:
I'm working my way through the manuals and experimenting

Cast on:
Got it to cast on, definitely not the nicest, but will follow Ileen's (of Needlenook, Missouri) advice and use crochet or ewrap. the quick weave in one for single bed will work v well for any I want to fold over.

Ribbed scarf, 10ply, caston, rib.

Two colours:
Working out the foibles. The second half of the swatch was definitely better. This one was at T6, using Bendigo Harmony and the second swatch done. Harmony 8ply, T7, 6, 5, single motif, 2 colours. Getting used to using the electronics, but will need a little more practice to get a good result, which is all it takes really.

Writing up my own sheet:
I copied out the Branching Out pattern for my bag for the Ravelympics. It only picked up the heavier drawn squares, the missed the lighter one. will need another check. did an undo and wind back 2 rows, which worked out ok. Check the sheet and make sure it is shiny.

Using the Garter Bar:
With a bit of practice I definitely got better at it. It rolls across the top very well, only managed to drop the beastly thing once.

Punch Lace:

Tuck Stitch:

Double bed Jacquard:



knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

Well I'm glad you are finally letting the 860 know who the boss is. I've done my first machine knitting in almost a year--socks on the E6. I just found some more sock yarn laying around so I think I'll knit another pair this weekend. I thought would have forgotten some techniques but to my surprise I haven't. Maybe I'll be able to get into my yarn stash and knit a sweater by the end of February!

ozlorna said...

Thank you for that. It's coming along, I didn't want a machine to duplicate what the Passap already does. Just a matter of learning what steps in what order to get it to do what I want. It's getting clearer. Have to put the ribber back on and get used to it "being in the way", like everything, once it's there eventually it will be OK!

I haven't tried socks on it yet, but I've got .. plans .. for some thick sock wool I happen to have lying around here, looking for a new home in my sock drawer!

Monique said...

Good luck with that! ;-)