Friday, February 12, 2010

Ravelympics 2010

Ravelympics has it's first machine event. Very exciting for us who are participating. Lookie what I got: My captain's medal. How exciting!

On Yoko:
a Branching Out machine bag, I'm doing the fair isle exactly as written, but really thing that sewing the thing all the way through the middle is well.. dopey. I've blogged my BOMK.

the Rose motif jumper, I've blogged the pattern.

On Miss Pinky:
332m - Ankle socks for me and I made another pair in Graphite.

1668m in a Baby blanket out of the garage find

the vintage top from Passap book 10 1664

see the prev post, I've made proper notes

Here's some scarves I did on Sunday afternoon.

From the frog pond:
the CPH that went from disaster to disaster. undoing the lot, winding it on the swift, washing it and rewinding it so it can be revitalised into something I'll use.

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