Friday, July 27, 2012

Fibonacci Righe 13/1782D Vest


Righe = Italian for stripes.That one's easy.

Fibonacci = a sequence of numbers, found in nature and first discovered by Signor Fibonacci, an Italian mathematician by adding 0 +1 = (1) then adding the sum (1) to the previous sum +1 (=2)  then 2+1 = (3), then (3) + 2 = (5) and so on. sequence = 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55... and so on for this vest I start and stop with 55, alternating the one colour in ascending and the other colour descending order.
This is what I worked out for my vest - the underlined are grey, alternating with the red.

I need to press it before I wear it, so when it's done I'll retake their photos and put in a nicely press front and back.


I based the pattern, on one from Passap Model book 13/1782D. Except I made it longer. And wider. And with thicker wool. And I did a drop every 3rd needle down and relatch up. I'm speedy enough now at latching up, it's quicker than knitting. Official.

Un pressed front
Then because I wanted to add width, to the sides, and I wanted this to be thigh length, I decided to go the whole 1970s and put 2.5cm (8 rows) of short rows into the start of the back after the ribbing. I chose the middle half - quarter each side, then every 8 stitches I think it was, then commenced my 55 rows,

Seeing as I had the excel open, I decided to do a row count - 272, and put a row by row where I had to change colour, increase and decrease. then take away the rows I didn't want, paste it into publisher, make it big font, save as a .pdf and sent it to the kindle. Brilliant. Love it.
When I work out how to do the sequence, I get out the excel spread sheet, but first I MUST know how many rows I need from the centre back from hem to neck. Then I can work out where to put the stripes. On this one, I had too many rows so I started on 2, not 1, 1 like I have in the past.

Fibonacci Raglan Cardigan
On this cardigan, I was able to add 17 rows over all by putting in a black row between the rows and I started the sequence on 34/1, 1, 2, 3, 5 etc and reversed. It just worked out best for the total length I needed.

Fibonacci Stripes to the waist only
On this vest, I didn't buy enough yarn in the first place and they don't make it anymore, so I put the complimentary extra I need in stripes to the waist, and this also worked out best to have the grey/green separated by the main yarn on each side, but this time I decided to get the garter bar out and wield the stitches around with it. I thought it worked well.

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