Friday, August 3, 2012

A bit more on beads

I chose uneven subtle beads
I'm working on a beaded scarf, a version of prethreaded beads, strung between stitches, rather than what I've done previously, which is attaching to the stitch - \o/ - it's legs as it were, while knitting the stitches, with a crochet hook - my preferred method.

However back to the Ravellenic (prev Ravelympics) knitting olympics which I do like to find something I've always wanted to try.

So. I started out on the machine, but quickly decided, after a couple of rows, to do this on 4.00 needles and try my hand at doing a two stitch garter strip up both sides.

Time for some pictures:
curling rather nicely on the edge

Light isn't the best but here they all are. in the background, on the left, is the other end, ready to go
I measured out both ends of the yarn so I didn't have to do a join in the middle. Plus a bit and when I came to the big knot, I stopped knitting, took it off and finish it off on 4.00mm.

So. having decided to give that technique a miss, I decided to see the best way to to the two stitch garter edge. And what I liked the best was:
Set the carriage to hold on the left.
bring out the two last needles both sides,
with the latch tool, take off the first stitch and manually form a stitch and put it back, same with the second.
knit one row - last two stitches didn't nit
take off the second last with the latch tool, knit a new stitch and put it back.
then the same on the last stitch
knit one row.
It's not too slow going, although it was for the first couple of rows till I worked out that that was the best way for me to do it.

It will need a press, to assist with the sides, then it will be ready to use - it's been a cold winter..

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