Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bayerische Extra Large size update

Had to redo cast on with 2.5mm needles (but used Norwegian) as was too tight.

Only problem so far is should have done 82st cast on for 104st leg, not 84. The added 4 st repeat in the centre panels means 3 rpts not 2 in the 15th row. Instead I did the 3 rpts in the centre panel, and re did the last panel increases: replaces last sentence "Purl into...p1." with M1purlwise, K1tbl, p1, swap next 2 sts around = (cable front= slip right needle into the back of 2nd st (purl) put thumb under both and slip both off the needle, pick up the knit st with the left needle, return the purl back onto the left needle, then p1, k1tbl.), k1tbl, m1purlwise, p1, m1knitwise, k1tbl, p1.
Return to instructions and do the other side of the sock.

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