Friday, February 15, 2008

Fish and Chippies socks - Band Heel

Criminy Jickets: Band Heel

Sock Knitter's Anonymous has challenged to try a new heel and provided a list of ideas. I've done the Eye of Partridge heel with limited success, but modified the short rows heel to fit perfectly for all but ankle socks. The problem I've got with the heel flap has to be really long to go around/over my large heel bone, but it always left a really tight couple of cm at the start, then so many stitches thereafter to get rid of. The best I could come up with was to reduce every 4th row 3 times, then ev 2nd for 10 x, then every row. It's the lack of stretch, the length of the flap and the 4cm difference between my ankle and foot size that creates my problems. So still searching for a heel for ankle socks, I thought I'd try Band Heel for my latest ankle socks.

I put an extra 4 sts across the flap and did it in stst, it all worked beautifully. I've taken off the extra 4 flap sts, then the 4 sts from the ankles - every 2nd row. I'm using the white left over from the Diamond and Eyelet socks, for stipes on the band, the heel and toe. The Band Heel looks good in the white, looks like it's the right size, seems to fit ok, can't wait to road test them in the coming weeks.


Dave said...

The heel is looking good! How does it feel on your foot?

ozlorna said...

I was pleased how it worked out, I added and extra 4 st and knitted an extra cm onto the length. Next time I will put in 8 evenly across, I take them off over a few rows, I've a very large heel bone to knit around, and a 4cm difference between my ankle and foot. My foot reduces down very quickly and the traditional heel flap is problematic with a lot of sts to reduce in a short amount of rows.