Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bayerische heel mods

on last complete 16 row repeat BEFORE heel split

increase heel side:
1 st each side every second row IN THE MIDDLE of Chart D, making 16 extra sts for heel flap.

on row 16, complete instep as per instructions,
on HEEL side:
Purl 8 sts each side then, K1tbl, P1, doing, stitch swaps (RT) on the centre panel, until last 2 purls, P2tog to make 1, so rib is even between the 8 wedge shaped purl panel. Short row heel to centre panel 19 sts. then back, keeping rib panel to complete the heel.
Edit: I wasn't very happy with the end result. I'm going to rip it back to the heel divide and try for a band heel on the centre back ribs only. As the picture shows.
Foot shaping:
Next row:
pick up the st between the split to eliminate hole.

on instep: dec purl in the middle of cable (making 3-3 cable)UNDER THE CABLE, then dec remaining purls in the cables every 3rd row, before next cable is due.

at the same time:
after completing the cable row, start decreasing the purls on the heel side, 1 st every second row.

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