Sunday, February 24, 2008

Leftover Sock Rug

I did a square for Ravelry's Thom Afghan and posted it off to the US with a couple of cards popped into the enve for Jennifer the Pacific Rim assembler. I followed the group's direction for mine (5 or 8ply/ machine wash 10x10cm square).

I was so thrilled with the ease of making it, off I went to my very big bag of left over scraps, I'm such a bower bird - I can't bear to chuck out really good quality sock wool - well my rug is started.
I've done about 7 big squares and 2 little ones. They will make a wonderfully warm rug .


Ginger said...

Mum always wanted to make a rug out of left-overs. But I suppose she has to have enough left-over yarns. Can't wait to see yours finished!

ozlorna said...

Ginger, you are in for a long long wait. I don't plan to finish soon, but rather knit my way through the whopping big bag of scraps. then knit a bit more when I finish another pair of socks/or project! I will have enough to warm half a leg soon